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Our Midland Red Collection

Midland Red designed its own buses for nearly half a century under the SOS and BMMO names. It also built, between the two World Wars, for associated companies including CN 2870 and CC 7745 which were delivered new to Northern General and Royal Blue of Llandudno respectively.

Midland Red buses were consistently ahead of their time and, of our unique collection, we are particularly pleased to display 943 KHA, the D10. At first glance an ordinary bus, it is an extremely rare example of an underfloor-engined double-decker

Occasionally vehicles may be stored off-site or away on excursions or private hire. Please check beforehand if you are planning a visit to see a particular vehicle.

DateReg NoInfoChassisEngineBody
1913O 9926(*)Tilling-Stevens TTA2TS 40 hp (Petrol)Tilling DD
1925HA 3501Standard SOSSOS 4.3 litre (Petrol)Ransomes SD
1927 CN 2870SOS QSOS 4.3 litre (Petrol)Brush SD
1928 CC 7745SOS QLSOS 4.3 litre (Petrol)Brush SD
1933 HA 8047SOS DD(RE)SOS 5.9 litre (Petrol)Metro-Cammell
1935 AHA 582SOS DONAEC 7.7 litreBrush SD
1940 GHA 333(*)SOS SONAEC 7.7 litre(Works tug)
1940 GHA 337SOS SONSOS 8 litreBrush SD
1944 HHA 26Guy Arab IIGardner 5LWWeymann DD
1946 HHA 637BMMO S6BMMO 8 litreMetro-Cammell SD
1950 NHA 744BMMO S12BMMO 8 litreBrush SD
1950 NHA 795BMMO D5BBMMO 8 litreBrush DD
1953 SHA 431Leyland Titan PD2/12 Special
(LD8 Class)
Leyland 0600Leyland DD
1955 UHA 255BMMO S14BMMO 8 litreBMMO SD
1956 XHA 482BMMO D7BMMO 8 litreMetro-Cammell DD
1956 XHA 496BMMO D7BMMO 8 litreMetro-Cammell DD
(converted to tow truck)
1957 750 BHA BMMO D7BMMO 8 litreMetro-Cammell DD
(converted to tow truck)
1960 871 KHABMMO D9BMMO 10.5 litreBMMO DD
1960 943 KHABMMO D10BMMO 10.5 litreBMMO DD
1962 3016 HABMMO D9BMMO 10.5 litreBMMO/LPC DD
(converted to open-top)
1962 5212 HALeyland Leopard PSU3/4RLeyland 0600Willowbrook B53F
1962 5073 HABMMO S15BMMO 8 litreBMMO SD
1964 6545 HABMMO S16BMMO 8 litreBMMO SD
1965 BHA 399 CBMMO D9BMMO 10.5 litreBMMO DD
1965 BHA 656 CBMMO CM6TBMMO 10.5 litreBMMO coach
1966 EHA 767 DBMMO S17BMMO 10.5 litreBMMO / Plaxton SD
1966 GHA 415 DDaimler Fleetline CRG6Gardner 6LXAlexander DD
1967 JHA 868 EBMMO S21BMMO 10.5 litreBMMO SD
1968 MHA 901 FBMMO S22BMMO 10.5 litreBMMO SD
1969 SHA 645 GLeyland Leopard PSU4A/4RLeyland 0600Plaxton coach
1969 UHA 956 HBMMO S23BMMO 10.5 litreBMMO / Plaxton SD
1970 UHA 981 H(*)BMMO S23BMMO 10.5 litreBMMO / Plaxton SD
1974 PHA 370 M(*)Ford R1014Ford 360 turboPlaxton
(converted to midi-bus)
1976 NOE 544 RLeyland NationalLeyland 0510Leyland National SD

O 9926 Open-top bus with open cab and open rear staircase, ran for both Midland Red & Birmingham Corporation. Preserved in latters colours.
GHA 333 converted from bus; originally SOS 8 litre engine.
UHA 981 H Transferred to West Midlands Passenger Transport Executive in 1973 and preserved in WMPTE livery.
PHA 370 M Currently on loan to private owner and kept off-site.