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The Battery Electric Collection

The Museum acquired its first battery-electric road vehicle in 1986. Since then an important collection of these vehicles has been established with a sustained restoration programme.

Our unique collection of these humble vehicles contains many reminders of a way of life that is rapidly disappearing. The dairyman delivering door to door every day is still found in most areas, although declining in numbers. Once upon a time the bakeries carried out similar rounds, also using battery-electric vehicles which were ideal for such stop-start work, not using any fuel during the very frequent stops. Birmingham Co-operative Society was locally very important in this field, also using battery-electric vehicles on laundry rounds, all their customers receiving a dividend on everything they bought from the Co-op, to spend later. Another very important regional dairy was Midland Counties Dairy with many depots. Our battery-electric collection portrays a number of dairies now lost to the conglomerates.

Occasionally vehicles may be stored off-site or away on excursions or private hire. Please check beforehand if you are planning a visit to see a particular vehicle.

 DateReg NoOriginal OperatorChassisType of Body
 1935AOX 653Manufacturer's demonstrator then Fowlers Forest DairiesElectricars CY2Streamlined van
 1938FWB 784Brightside & Carbrook Co-opMetro-Vick 18/22 cwtDairy
 1944HXB 658Metropolitan Boro. of FulhamMidland TWBTower wagon
 c.1946UnregisteredMetro-CammellElectricars TU20Platform truck
 1947HYN 86Co-operative Wholesale Socy.Brush 10/14 cwt Mark IIBakery
1950XMT 422United DairiesWales & Edwards 'Standard'Dairy
 1952XMP 457United DairiesGraiseley pedestrianDairy
1953NVP 144Birmingham Co-opMorrison-Electricar D1 20 cwtBakery
 1954OOA 655Birmingham Co-opMorrison-Electricar D1Van (rebodied in 1980s)
 1954ROA 127Birmingham Co-opMorrison-Electricar D1 30 cwtDairy
 1954LBC 136Frears & BlacksWilson BMWBakery
 c.1955OAA 580Lavender Farm Dairy Victor B20Dairy
1955RLW 610Express DairyHelecs 'Rider Pram'Dairy
 1955ROM 65Midland Counties DairyMorrison-Electricar MD20Dairy (rebodied in 1960s)
 1956SJW 599Midland Counties DairyMidland B30Dairy
 1956YTB 191Ten Acres & Stirchley Co-op Morrison-Electricar D1 30 cwtDairy
 1957TGC 815General Post OfficeHarbilt 7 cwt pedestrianParcel van
 1957955 ADHWalsall & District Co-opSmiths S65Dairy
1957WOA 26Handsworth DairiesSmiths SSDairy
1958XOG 847Handsworth DairiesWales & Edwards 'Standard'Dairy
1958358 EDHWalsall & District Co-opSmiths 2 tonDairy
1959339 DTVNottingham Co-opSmiths 2 tonDairy
19638505 PFUnited DairiesWales & Edwards 'Loadmaster' articDairy
1964ERO 620BIvy Farm Dairy Morrison-Electricar D5Dairy
 1965DOG 639CHandsworth DairiesWales & Edwards 'Intermediate'Dairy
 1968ROL 982GBirmingham DairiesWales & Edwards Dairy
 1969WVK 109HGeneral Post OfficeSmiths 'Commuter'Mailvan
 1973PFK 339MBennetts Dairies & FarmersRoss 'Stallion'Dairy
 1982YVC 766XLeicester Co-opM & M 'Electron Majestic'Refrigerated van


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