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Our Battery Electric Collection

The Museum acquired its first battery-electric road vehicle in 1986. Since then an important collection of these vehicles has been established with a sustained restoration programme.

Our unique collection of these humble vehicles contains many reminders of a way of life that is rapidly disappearing. The dairyman delivering door to door every day is still found in most areas, although declining in numbers. Once upon a time the bakeries carried out similar rounds, also using battery-electric vehicles which were ideal for such stop-start work, not using any fuel during the very frequent stops. Birmingham Co-operative Society was locally very important in this field, also using battery-electric vehicles on laundry rounds, all their customers receiving a dividend on everything they bought from the Co-op, to spend later. Another very important regional dairy was Midland Counties Dairy with many depots. Our battery-electric collection portrays a number of dairies now lost to the conglomerates.
Occasionally vehicles may be stored off-site or away on excursions or private hire. Please check beforehand if you are planning a visit to see a particular vehicle.

Date Info Reg. No. Original Operator Chassis Type of Body
1935   AOX 653 Manufacturer’s demonstrator then Fowlers Forest Dairies Electricars CY2 Streamlined van
1938   FWB 784 Brightside & Carbrook Co-op Metro-Vick 18/22 cwt Dairy
1944   HXB 658 Metropolitan Boro. of Fulham Midland TWB Tower wagon
c. 1946   Unregistered Metro-Cammell Electricars TU20 Platform truck
1947   HYN 86 Co-operative Wholesale Socy. Brush 10/14 cwt Mark II Bakery
1950 XMT 422 United Dairies Wales & Edwards ‘Standard’ Dairy
1952   XMP 457 United Dairies Graiseley pedestrian Dairy
1953 NVP 144 Birmingham Co-op Morrison-Electricar D1 20 cwt Bakery
1954   OOA 655 Birmingham Co-op Morrison-Electricar D1 Van (rebodied in 1980s)
1954   ROA 127 Birmingham Co-op Morrison-Electricar D1 30 cwt Dairy
1954   LBC 136 Frears & Blacks Wilson BMW Bakery
c. 1955   OAA 580 Lavender Farm Dairy Victor B20 Dairy
1955 RLW 610 Express Dairy Helecs ‘Rider Pram’ Dairy
1955   ROM 65 Midland Counties Dairy Morrison-Electricar MD20 Dairy (rebodied in 1960s)
1956   SJW 599 Midland Counties Dairy Midland B30 Dairy
1956   YTB 191 Ten Acres & Stirchley Co-op Morrison-Electricar D1 30 cwt Dairy
1957   TGC 815 General Post Office Harbilt 7 cwt pedestrian Parcel van
1957   955 ADH Walsall & District Co-op Smiths S65 Dairy
1957 WOA 26 Handsworth Dairies Smiths SS Dairy
1958 XOG 847 Handsworth Dairies Wales & Edwards ‘Standard’ Dairy
1958 358 EDH Walsall & District Co-op Smiths 2 ton Dairy
1959 339 DTV Nottingham Co-op Smiths 2 ton Dairy
1963 8505 PF United Dairies Wales & Edwards ‘Loadmaster’ artic Dairy
1964 ERO 620 B Ivy Farm Dairy Morrison-Electricar D5 Dairy
1965   DOG 639 C Handsworth Dairies Wales & Edwards ‘Intermediate’ Dairy
1968   ROL 982 G Birmingham Dairies Wales & Edwards Dairy
1969   WVK 109 H General Post Office Smiths ‘Commuter’ Mailvan
1973   PFK 339 M Bennetts Dairies & Farmers Ross ‘Stallion’ Dairy
1982   YVC 766 X Leicester Co-op M & M ‘Electron Majestic’ Refrigerated van